Chabahar is one the important and popular city of Iran .The most important of this city is the 'FREE ZONE' in which thing's of out door be sell only and also the people of out door have lot of shop in the 'FREE ZONE' . The other important thing is the  international Air Service form Chabahar to Dubai ,this is a big and international service for them .Chabahar is a beautiful city , where having lot of picnic area's and enjoyment place also , which are be signed by out door people's also . The complex is located on the coast of the sea with a wonderful and bewitching view on the gold domes of chabahar . In this city play's all the game's in good or in interesting way , but the Cricket is in front of the other game's . This city have respected this game and have been played over 30 year , on Friday's  lot of people comes to see the match which have being on the Cricket ground near the Big  Sea or we can say '' OMAN SEA'' . The lover Cricket of Iran are in this city and  this city is the center of Iran Cricket .